What is the job responsibility of safety officer in any industry?

Any Environmental studies graduates or a graduate with industry oriented diploma course are eligible to apply for safety officer job in any small and big industries. The functional area you will be working in any such industry are production department, manufacturing department and maintenance department.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure a safe workplace environment without risk to health.
  • Ensure that all Health & Safety policies, procedures, rules and regulations are adhered to and are regularly reviewed, updated and communicated.
  • Ensure the Company meets its statutory obligations in all areas pertaining to health, safety and welfare at work, including statutory training and reporting.
  • Ensure the completion and regular review of risk assessments for all work equipment and operations
  • Ensure that all accidents are documented, investigated and recommended improvements implemented
  • Ensure that safety inspections are carried out, fire drills and fire alarms are correctly reported, safety inspections, risk assessments and lone working procedures are managed and employees are aware of their responsibilities. Co-ordinate the development of health & safety policies, systems of work and procedures.
  • Ensure full and accurate health and safety and training records are maintained
  • Establish a full programme of documented health & safety inspections, audits and checks.
  • Establish a structured programme of health & safety training throughout the Company. Liaise with external health & safety consultants in the provision of training programmes and health and safety services.
  • Manage and devise the agenda for, chair and formulate & distribute minutes for the Health & Safety Committee meetings.
  • Ensure that all agreed action points are completed within deadlines.
  • Keep up to date with all aspects of relevant health, safety & welfare at work legislation and communicate relevant changes to the business.
  • Provide regular reports to the Management on relevant health and safety activities.
  • Participate in monthly meetings when required to report on relevant health & safety matters.
  • Liaise with suppliers i.e. Insurers, solicitors etc. Any other reasonable duties which may be required by management from time to time.

There are many opportunities for career development in both government and private sectors to grow to senior positions. Also, you may have opportunities in larger organisations to pursue doctorate studies which will gain you broader experience and to seek more senior positions.

What is the scope for graduates in Environmental Studies in India?


scope environmental studies

Like any life science degrees, careers in environmental science are so varied, and has promising scope for graduates in Environmental studies. As a fresher, it is going to be hard decision to choose a career path right for you. Because, you have vast scope for career in environmental science in India

Scope of Environmental studies as a degree:

Well, if you enjoy working in a big infrastructure, following set of standard Ops, willing to work closely with the other department co-workers ensuring health and safety guidelines are followed and executed, this article would rightfully guide you.

So any industry you choose to work with, the above mentioned responsibility remains same for majority of the safety officer job roles for freshers, except for the specialists domain mentioned below:

Specialists areas to choose:

  • Environmental protection
  • Fire and safety
  • Food safety and food standards
  • Health within the armed services
  • Housing and construction
  • Noise control
  • Pollution control
  • Public health
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Waste management.

Environmental graduates and Environmental scientists(Ph.D) have scope of working in both government and private industries. I have listed them below


  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy
  • Power
  • Infrastructure
  • Pharma
  • Chemicals
  • Refineries and Petrochemicals
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Space Centre
  • Pollution control board.

For government sector  job opportunities, keep updated with the print newspaper ads and also look in the websites of the relevant industries or research institutes. Look out for the job opportunities with the following key-words in any online job portal and you could also add these keywords in the resume in the knowledge section or project section. It is wise to attend interviews through consultancies than applying for jobs directly to the job vacancies in the company website, because graduates are mostly to be recruited through consultancies.


  • Health Environment
  • Fire and safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Process Safety management
  • Site inspection and assessment
  • Safety training
  • Safety inspections
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Safety audit and compliance

Job Placement certification:

It is not surprising fact that you will be in tough ride securing a job as fresher. Even if you have a graduate or post-graduate degree in Environmental studies, it is advisable to complete an industrial-oriented diploma course for making your ride easy. Its advised to do enough research (considering which domain and industry you are interested) before enrolling for any following course, 

  • Certificate course in occupational health & Safety
  • Diploma in industrial safety management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety, Health & Environment
  • Diploma Course in Industrial Department of Personnel Safety Management
  • Industrial Safety and Hazards Management
  • Short-duration specialised safety training program for working executives

There are many opportunities for career development in both government and private sectors to grow to senior positions. Also, you may have opportunities in larger organisations to pursue doctorate studies which will gain you broader experience and to seek more senior positions.

What is the best career option after a degree in Zoology?

Job opportunities are not formally advertised for zoologists. However, broadly classifying , you have 1. Core jobs and its related jobs 2. Non- core jobs.

Career option for Zoologists

Non-core jobs: – any degree holder can apply for the particular job. For example jobs like working in a call centre, working as a personal assistant or front desk executive etc.,

Core-Jobs : You would be thinking of joining any research institute, pursue doctorate (and/or work as a research assistant) or join as faculty in any of the colleges. Well, you could consider working for the following employers:

  • Medical coding companies having requirement for zoologists.
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Animal medical research facilities and health services
  • Government and research institutes
  • Animal nutrition companies
  • Environmental protection agencies
  • Animal and environmental charities
  • Sericulture (inspection jobs) in government institutes
  • Fisheries (technician jobs) in government institutes
  • Research in animal intelligence
  • Bee keeping jobs in private companies and government institutes

Assuming you are a fresher, having no work experience, choose your academic project carefully because for many life science graduates, project is the stepping stone for his career.

You could find medical coding job openings in job portals, but for the other employers listed above, you need make list of the employers, search for job openings in their website. Also, keep looking in newspaper job ads, because these government agencies are more likely to advertise in the newspapers than in the digital media.

Have I missed to mention any of the career option in this article? Feel free to comment in the section below.