Hustle!! Hustle!!.. I am an Affiliate Now!!.. And I’m Game!!..

Know What is Affiliate Marketing


After long research on how to become an affiliate, I have joined the famous affiliate program, to start earning income from affiliate marketing. And I am sharing my experience here.

Internet is full of articles explaining how to become an affiliatehow to make money from affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing guide for beginnersIf you search in Google, you will be loaded with tons of resources which would take lifetime to read all of them.

Also, those articles very well explain how to earn commission from affiliate marketing in India without a website or a blog. There are even step by step tutorial videos available in youtube, explaining the same.

And there are many blogs, forum, seminars spread across the social media, talking endlessly about the huge potential of earning passive income from affiliate marketing.

If they were able to succeed in Affiliate marketing, Why I cant do it?

If you are a student or a job-seeker, desperately looking for a ways to earn money online until you secure that core-job, well I gotta tell you, affiliate marketing is not an easy cup of tea or coffee, whatever. Because, you are always in a hurry, you are always expecting the results immediately, because you are always anxious, and you are not visionary, so you will never succeed in affiliate marketing.

How do i know this?

Because I was like that.

And, I didn’t even attempt to take the preliminary steps to start with affiliate marketing. All those knowledge sources available online scared me to death. So I didn’t even dare to take the first step.

7 years later, thinking about it, not taking the first-step was the stupidest thing I regret now.

Now I am back. This time, not only I am committed to make my affiliate journey successful but also guide you along the process.

Even though there are ways to make affiliate commission without even a website or blog (as expert says), I am choosing the alternate route since I already have a blog. So my blogging journey is going to go hand-in-hand with affiliate marketing.

My understanding of Affiliate Marketing before I become an Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing is one of the way to earn money online, by promoting other’s product (Merchant) in my blog through a Network.

So I am called an Affiliate. I am also called a Publisher, because I publish affiliate link  in my blog to make sales and earn commission from it.

Affiliate link” is nothing but a “product link”, it is an unique link I get from “network” to promote a particular product. If you too want to promote the same product in your website or blog, you will get a different link so that the “network” can track the sales.

Who is this Network?

Network or an affiliate network is like a marketplace, where I will find all kinds of products from the Merchants. Basically Network acts as an intermediary between an Affiliate (us) and the Merchants. So from this Network, I could choose the product which suits my blog interest.  

For example, in my blog,,  I write about career guidance and education for students in India. So I will choose the product category “Books” which suits my blog niche. I will get an unique link for each book I choose to promote, so when my blog reader clicks on the link and buys the product or any other product I will get a sale commission credited to my bank account or paypal account.

Famous Networks are Amazon Associates, vcommission, Cj, Aweber etc.,

How I registered with Amazon Associate Program

Now that I have basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works, I would like to start from a very traditional affiliate network – Amazon Associates. Well, Amazon was not the first to introduce affiliate program, but it was the first to become popular among the publishers.  

Amazon Affiliate Commission
Amazon Associate Program – Commission chart

It took me about 15 mins to register with the amazon associates program. Click on this to join them for free.

And not just this program, most of the affiliate programs won’t cost a dime  for joining. The difficult part is getting approval from them, as they are very strict in filtering out any stereotype/fraudulent publishers.

In case of Amazon, I am given 3 months time from the date of joining, to initiate at least one sale through my affiliate link in my blog.

So fingers crossed.

I am also aware I am not supposed to initiate that first sale through my family or friends, or any of my network.

Also In amazon associate login page, I have provision to see the analytics of how many clicks (readers who came to amazon by clicking on my affiliate link) has happened and how many sales has happened. Well, so far I have got many clicks, but sales has not happened yet.

How I am Planning to Promote Affiliate Products In My Blog

Since it is highly recommended that, affiliates (us) recommend only the products which we personally experienced so that the buyers benefit from it. So I am going to start with recommending the books I have read, recommend the music and apps I have used and liked it.

So if you refer the above chart, Amazon would pay me commission of 8% of the book value for each sale through my blog.

Even though I have temptation and desire to make millions like the experts do, as of now I would like to keep my goals very realistic.

As a short term goal, first I would like to start seeing small commissions from my amazon affiliate network, and gradually work more on the content strategy to start seeing a stable passive income. 

As a long term goal, I would like to register with other famous affiliate networks, promote the product relevant to my niche, build my blog as a primary source of my income. 


I know it is difficult in the beginning and seems impossible to compete with the leaders, but I’m game.

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