What is the best career option after a degree in Zoology?

Job opportunities are not formally advertised for zoologists. However, broadly classifying , you have 1. Core jobs and its related jobs 2. Non- core jobs.

Career option for Zoologists

Non-core jobs: – any degree holder can apply for the particular job. For example jobs like working in a call centre, working as a personal assistant or front desk executive etc.,

Core-Jobs : You would be thinking of joining any research institute, pursue doctorate (and/or work as a research assistant) or join as faculty in any of the colleges. Well, you could consider working for the following employers:

  • Medical coding companies having requirement for zoologists.
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Animal medical research facilities and health services
  • Government and research institutes
  • Animal nutrition companies
  • Environmental protection agencies
  • Animal and environmental charities
  • Sericulture (inspection jobs) in government institutes
  • Fisheries (technician jobs) in government institutes
  • Research in animal intelligence
  • Bee keeping jobs in private companies and government institutes

Assuming you are a fresher, having no work experience, choose your academic project carefully because for many life science graduates, project is the stepping stone for his career.

You could find medical coding job openings in job portals, but for the other employers listed above, you need make list of the employers, search for job openings in their website. Also, keep looking in newspaper job ads, because these government agencies are more likely to advertise in the newspapers than in the digital media.

Have I missed to mention any of the career option in this article? Feel free to comment in the section below.

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