Who gets a job more easily, a graduate with MBA in finance, or MBA in HR?

Lets see who are all interested to hire you if you have MBA finance

1. Home loan companies like DHFL, AdityaBirla Home loans, PNB Housing etc.,

2.  Insurance companies like LIC, Bajaj Allianz, TATA AIG, Oriental Insurance etc.,

3.  Retail Banks Like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank etc.,

4. Investment Banks Like JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Deutsche bank, Kotak Mahindra etc.,

5. Financial Firms such as Bajaj Capital, Birla Global Finance, HDFC, karvy group etc.,

6. Risk Consulting Firms such as RiskPro, Axis Risk consultants, SGS India etc.,

7. Privately traded companies in various industries like Kaizen Private equity, TATA Power trading, OSWAL group etc.,

8. Publicly traded companies in various industries like BSE/NSE listed companies.Federal, provincial/state and municipal government.


You could join as a HR in any industries/ companies, opportunities everywhere.

You could choose to join as a executive in any of the job placement consultancies. To know how to become a HR executive in job consultancies, read my post here.

If you see the opportunities listed for both the major, you seem to find more choices listed for MBA Finance.  But, opportunities are equal for both the major, as I have not listed the name of all the companies across all sectors for HR specialisation. It is not practically possible to list them all here. It is understandable that any startups or SMEs or any major corporate would require MBA in HR to run Human Resource department.

Securing a job in any functional area would be easy if you are strong in your academics as a fresher..

Is it possible to become HR without a Master’s degree in HR?

Having completed a Bachelors degree, now you are analysing your choices for becoming a Human Resource Executive in a reputed company or your dream company. But you are not sure whether are not you are eligible to apply for HR jobs, with just Bachelor degree in hand.

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Due to financial problem or due to any personal reasons, you wanted to join a company as a HR, soon after graduation, so that you can support your family and also save money for pursuing Master’s degree in future.

Can You Become a HR without a Master’s degree? Yes you can, that’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

Can You Become a Successful HR without a Master’s degree? Well, It is up-to you, completely depends on how serious you are in shaping up your career.

Not all are lucky to land a job in dream corporate company, that too as a fresher with just Bachelor’s degree. So, joining a staffing company would be the best alternate option to kick start a career in HR without a Masters degree.

So, Lets see how to join the job placement consultancies otherwise called staffing companies or agencies. 

  • To begin with apply for job placement consultancies with your bachelor degree. Lets say for example you are B.Com graduate with moderate to excellent proficiency in English,  after successful completion of interview, you will be selected as HR Executive or Trainee.
  • You are expected to have at least minimum proficiency in English, which is one important skill for becoming an HR Executive.
  • Most of the companies have probationary period of 6 months before they offer a permanent position to you.
  • The attrition rate is high in staffing companies, you are more likely to land in securing a job faster than you imagined (That’s a good news 🙂 )
  • As a full time HR executive, you will be screening and sourcing candidates for your clients (lining up candidates for interviews with your client companies).
  • Needless to say, your performance review is based on how quickly and efficiently you were able to fill the vacancies in client companies.
  • The environment in staffing companies are very competitive, at times you may feel like quitting but hey, its the scenario in all corporate companies out there. But, as a fresher with hot blood you will learn to become more competitive, more interested in job once you start receiving performance incentives.
  • Now you have free access to job portals, learnt to do keyword search and filtering out genuine resume from spam, now you have good knowledge about any company expectations in terms of recruiting, now you really know whether you are interested in being HR.
  • When right time comes, make your move to your dream corporate company.

What is the best outcome of working as a HR in Staffing Companies?

  • Your fluency in communication has improved.
  • You have learnt the art of writing Email professionally.
  • You learnt to be competitive by working hard to achieve the targets.
  • You were able to save money for future without depending on parents.
  • If the HR path is right for you, you will eventually move up in career ladder, do well in HR.
  • During this period, anytime have you felt HR is not best for you, you have plenty of time to decide the right career choice for you. And if you are smart, you could even directly apply to the desired functional area, try your best to secure a job without further formal education (That’s a good news 🙂 ).
  • Now you have made some friends in HR in different industries, you have handful of network, which is very essential for growing in professional life.

So Why bother doing Master’s when you have plenty of opportunities out there?

Congrats!!  Now you have saved time and money joining a company without doing Master’s.



Is completing a master’s degree in MBA important to become a successful entrepreneur?

Instead of usual example of Mark Zukerberg who did not pursure MBA to become an entrepreneur, lets take simple example : marwadis. I live in bangalore and i have handled their both family and business accounts when i was working in banking sector. Very rarely i have come across graduates from their family, few are coming out especially this gen youth, that too not necessarily MBA. You may think those people are lucky to run family business, and you may want to start from the scratch. I did meet a client who has shop the size no bigger than petty shop and his monthly turnover was close to 12 lacs. And he was not lucky person, bangalore was total strange to him. But now he talks all regional languages and he is happy for the journey so far. He strongly believes that education is not necessary to run a business, so he is making his sons work in his shop after school. Now those kids are lucky.

So dont think much. Just chill. Try securing a job in a startup with current bachelor degree.

Read blogs related to the field you are interested in. While you read keep mental note of which industry you are most focused on, that would be the path for you. You may later decide upon pursuing MBA.

For example i regularly follow


Digital Marketing Tips Blog by Deepak Kanakaraju

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With your starting pay start small investments in SIP for long term goals. As the years grow by you will increase the investment goals and learn more by reading these following blogs

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Well also read Indian Startups, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Stories, Startups, Resources, Research, Business Ideas, Product and App Reviews, Small Businessto know more on indian stratups and how newbies are leveraging the businesses.

What is the best career option after a degree in Zoology?

Job opportunities are not formally advertised for zoologists. However, broadly classifying , you have 1. Core jobs and its related jobs 2. Non- core jobs.

Career option for Zoologists

Non-core jobs: – any degree holder can apply for the particular job. For example jobs like working in a call centre, working as a personal assistant or front desk executive etc.,

Core-Jobs : You would be thinking of joining any research institute, pursue doctorate (and/or work as a research assistant) or join as faculty in any of the colleges. Well, you could consider working for the following employers:

  • Medical coding companies having requirement for zoologists.
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Animal medical research facilities and health services
  • Government and research institutes
  • Animal nutrition companies
  • Environmental protection agencies
  • Animal and environmental charities
  • Sericulture (inspection jobs) in government institutes
  • Fisheries (technician jobs) in government institutes
  • Research in animal intelligence
  • Bee keeping jobs in private companies and government institutes

Assuming you are a fresher, having no work experience, choose your academic project carefully because for many life science graduates, project is the stepping stone for his career.

You could find medical coding job openings in job portals, but for the other employers listed above, you need make list of the employers, search for job openings in their website. Also, keep looking in newspaper job ads, because these government agencies are more likely to advertise in the newspapers than in the digital media.

Have I missed to mention any of the career option in this article? Feel free to comment in the section below.