Earn Money Online Without Any Investment – A Step By Step guide to getting started with PickyDomains.com

When I was a student in PSG CAS College, Coimbatore, I have never really showed any interest in competition for naming the cultural festival and obviously never won any of those big prizes. So much I missed.

How cool is it to make easy money just by suggesting names, that too without any investment or registration fee? All you need to do is to come up with cool, unique, easy to remember domain names and slogans, so if the client likes it, you will be paid money.


I wanted to write about genuine websites for making money online, to help students who are looking for earning income without any investment.

I have come across plenty of data entry jobs, social media jobs in internet for those who seeking part-time jobs or passive income working from home. But all those requires plenty of work commitment, at least you need to spend 4-5 hrs in a day consistently to earn money not more than 5-6k per month.

Not worth the time and hard work, I agree.

So you need good pay from hassle free, tension free commitment, so you can focus on studies. After 2 days of research, I have come up with few websites, out which I picked the Pickydomains.com today.

To be able to explain the registration process in step-by-step, I myself have registered it, so it is easier that way to demonstrate it. And we are in this journey together :).

What Is PickyDomains.Com?

It is one of the popular genuine money earning site with a potential to earn smart passive income.

As they call it “Risk-free naming service”, that helps you earn a decent income starting from $20 for beginners and $50 for premium contributors (you)..

Good part ? No subscription or membership fee. Pay is 20 times higher than any petty part-time online jobs available in the market.

Bad part? You need pay commission upto 40% on your earnings. Since it is an easy money, needless to say there are thousands of competitors aiming for the same money.

Having said that, how will you start using PickyDomains.Com and how does it work?

How to Open a Free Account with PickyDomains.com?

Before you open an account with PickyDomains, first you need to create an PayPal account, its where you receive money after completing the job. Once you have created PayPal, you need to wait 3-4 business days to get the PayPal account activated, then you could come back and register with PickyDomains.com.

Sign up as a contributor

Registration process is very simple. All it requires is your name, email id and a Paypal account for receiving income. 

You need to sign up as a contributor to open an account.

(Oh, don’t worry about opening PayPal account. Its again a simple process, all you need is active mail id, bank account details and PAN number. All set to go..)

How to Pick an Order and Give Suggestions in PickyDomain.Com?

Once you are registered, you are called as “contributor”, who is going to contribute/suggest domain names and slogans to a “client”.

Client is an individual or company, who are also registered with Pickydomains, places an “order” or request in order to get suggestions from the contributors.

In your login page, you need to click on “My orders” section to see the list of orders you can work on. Since you are a beginner with rank 5, you can work only on “non-premium” accounts, with the pay limit $20. Below is the walk-through of how I picked up the order and made suggestions.

After creating an account, I logged in, Picked an “order” to work on it

So you can make as many suggestions you want for the particular “order” to get “picked” by the client. When I say “picked”, client needs to first “like” the suggestions you have made, and then if the client is interested he will “buy” that name. Clear?

Initially it looks like very difficult and complex to understand, trust me it is much simpler than your academic subjects. And it does not take more than 15mins for the whole process.

What you need to do to make money online from PickyDomains.com?

As I mentioned earlier, In-order to make money you need to suggest unique (no one suggested before), easy to remember, short and catchy domain names and slogans.

To make the job more easier, clients would mention his order conditions/ specifications such as –

  • No numbers in the domain
  • Characters should not exceed 20
  • Not more than 4 words are allowed in domain name etc.,

Keeping that in mind, you need to propose as many suggestions as possible.

I am working on my first order, right hand side I suggested several domain names to the client according to the specifications mentioned..

In the order I have chosen, client requested to come up with the domain names for a website, targeting age 40 and above. Domain name should have words targeting Fitness, Health, Weight-Loss, Nutrition etc., for the age group above 40.

You can see that my suggestions are meeting the expectation of clients specifications (see specs column) such as –

-only .com extensions

-maximum word in domain name is 5

-no numbers in domain name

-no dashes in domain name 


So I brainstormed few ideas according to the specifications, read few fitness articles, picked ideas from those articles and suggested the names as you can see on the right.

How many Suggestions can we make per order in PickyDomains.com?

Well, After I have made several suggestions for domain name, the system showed the error for few websites as it was already existing. That’s why you need to work on making more suggestions, so you would have fair chance of submitting few unique suggestions.

System rejecting few suggestions as it was already existing
How much money can you make from PickyDomains.com?

There is a pay difference between “new contributors” – people like you and me   who are newly registered, Whereas the “experienced contributors” – who are all experienced / premium contributors. So naturally, new contributors are paid just $20 when compared to the premium contributors, who gets paid $50 per order. Yet both category would be paying a commission fee to Pickydomains.com for acting as an agent between the contributor and the client. Fair isnt it?

Final report after submitting suggestions


For an Indian user /student, Lets say your suggestion was accepted by the client and he paid you $20 dollars minus commission of 40%, how much have you made finally?

Its 1272 -508 = approx. 764 rupees.

You have made 764 rupees for brainstorming ideas, total time spent was between 15 to 30mins. Awesome isnt it?

I have calculated money for just one order, it is up to you to contribute as many orders as possible, increasing the chances of getting paid from clients.

How you can become a Premium Contributor in PickyDomains?

Most of the clients prefer only premium contributors, who are more experienced and also highly ranked. Also the pay is 50$ per order. Big Difference isnt it?

So, initially you have no other option but to pick up the non-premium orders, make at least 100 suggestions to get “picked”. Once you get paid in the first order, you will slowly move above the rank, eventually making it to Rank 4 and so on.

My First order waiting to be picked by the client

All you is patience and trust in the process.

So, if you are looking for a way to earn passive income, be it you are a student or staying home individual, you can start from PickyDomains.com to earn money. Click here to register with PickyDomains.com. 

If you have any suggestions, kindly let me know in the comment.


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