Is completing a master’s degree in MBA important to become a successful entrepreneur?

Instead of usual example of Mark Zukerberg who did not pursure MBA to become an entrepreneur, lets take simple example : marwadis. I live in bangalore and i have handled their both family and business accounts when i was working in banking sector. Very rarely i have come across graduates from their family, few are coming out especially this gen youth, that too not necessarily MBA. You may think those people are lucky to run family business, and you may want to start from the scratch. I did meet a client who has shop the size no bigger than petty shop and his monthly turnover was close to 12 lacs. And he was not lucky person, bangalore was total strange to him. But now he talks all regional languages and he is happy for the journey so far. He strongly believes that education is not necessary to run a business, so he is making his sons work in his shop after school. Now those kids are lucky.

So dont think much. Just chill. Try securing a job in a startup with current bachelor degree.

Read blogs related to the field you are interested in. While you read keep mental note of which industry you are most focused on, that would be the path for you. You may later decide upon pursuing MBA.

For example i regularly follow

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