How to prepare for joining a HR job while pursuing Bachelor degree?


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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

Benjamin Franklin

Lets say now you are in 2nd year of pursuing B.Com degree, and you think HR would be the right career choice for you. But you don’t know how to prepare yourself now, so you could land in a job as soon as you graduate. This article shows you how to prepare for getting a job before graduation.

Raise your English fluency to next level

You are more likely to be selected for HR profile only when you have at least average speaking proficiency in English. I mean why would anyone want to recruit you if you can’t even introduce yourself in the interview?.

Even though communicating by English Language has become very normal these days, it is essential to go multiple steps forward from casual vocabulary usage to professional level.

Keep in mind that not only for securing a HR job, your English language proficiency is the most sought after quality for any job roles.

So ask yourself where do you actually stand? How you could raise the bar?

Get comfortable in introducing yourself

However confident you are in speaking English, when it comes to attending interviews, everyone needs a preparation and practice.

Prepare a draft of how you want to introduce yourself in interviews, as days goes by keep editing that draft to a professional level.

Start practising in-front of mirror, practice with your friends until you get comfortable in speaking and delivering it with confident body language. When you practice, do it with enthusiasm. Boring and monotonous voice gets you nowhere.

Don’t just stop there. Read aloud newspapers for minimum 15 mins daily. Make it a habit. When you have access to many newspapers in your phone, It wont be that hard to practice while you are on coffee break or just before you sleep. So no excuses please.

Remember, talking faster doesn’t mean that you are fluent in language. In-fact research says that a person looks confident when she speaks slowly and clearly.

Make use of your academic presentation in class room

Its one of the best way to improve communication skills and the only way to build confidence when you are in college. I mean where else you would get an opportunity to stand in front of 40 people staring at you, judging you?.

I know the amount of handwork goes in making a single presentation, we all do it anyway whether we like it or not, for the sake of internal grades. So Why not be an opportunist, grab this opportunity to test your confidence and communication level?

So even if your college doesn’t have this internal grading system, I suggest you to volunteer for it. Ask your staffs that you are interested to give presentation on the topic which he is yet to teach. In that case, he is more likely to agree with your request.

There is no better way for you to build confidence.

Start writing a resume

Resume writing is a skill and many people who have mastered it  are now doing it as a profession.

Your resume speaks for you, your resume reflects your personality, your resume convinces your recruiter to select you for the job, and what not.

Yet, there is no basic guidance for students on how to write an impressive resume. Actually no one actually knows how to write a perfect resume, except for the trial and error they made whenever they wanted to apply for the new job. So lets forgive them all.

To begin with, download free sample resumes from google,relevant to your pursuing Bachelor degree. Use that as a template to build your resume. After all you are copying from the internet, you cannot afford to make any mistakes.

In the educational qualification column, write as “pursuing BCom, graduating in year 2019”. 

Keep editing and updating it whenever it is required. Because it is never a one day job, you will know when you start writing it. So its better to start early.

The earlier you start, more time you have time to think or research to make your resume near to perfect.  

Research the potential employers

You are hardly out of high school, now you are expected to find a job and start earning to  become independent. I want to share you a simple fact, which you may already know, just to boost your job hunting preparation. By the time you graduate from college, the job positions in top companies are already filled by campus recruitment process.

Since there is going to be lakhs of candidates graduating along with you, needless to say that you are a needle in the haystack. You may be proud that you have already started your job search process one-year ahead, but companies call-for only the graduates in their final semester. So you are in game with lakhs of competitors.

That’s the bitter truth, isn’t it? Ok, What’s the game plan.

(i). You need to have list of employers that you are going to apply. You can prepare a list based on two factors. a) If You are ready to move to any job location, you can keep your search flexible, look for companies in other cities as well. b) You need to keep your search narrow, if you cannot move to the job location far from your home town (soon I will come up with a video demonstrating how to select the list of companies ).

You can refer my previous article on how to become a HR in staffing companies with just a bachelor degree.

Being a fresher, your aim is to secure a job as fast as possible in the selected list of companies. You start to prepare this list when you are in 2nd year of college, so that you have plenty of time to research the companies individually. When you face the interviewer with the question “Why do you want to join this company” , you have the answer ready.

(ii). Try to connect to the hiring manager or the functional head of the companies in your list, via LinkedIn. To begin with try connecting to any employee working in the department you are interested to apply.  Gradually increase the hierarchy.

After connecting, will you just plainly ask “could you refer me for job in your company/department?’.

Big NO.

Instead ask him “how the job is like, what does the company expects from employees, what qualification does the company expects from the job seekers, are there enough training available for employees to learn and grow?” Etc., Those answers help you to prepare yourself better for the interviews.     

Try connecting to as many employees as possible, am sure out of all those connections someone would be willing to pass your resume directly to the hiring manager’s table. Repeat this process until you have secured a job.

Do you know how long does a student has to wait for job offer letter who got selected in the campus selection?

It would take 6 to 9 months for her to receive a job offer letter, which is almost equal to an year duration.

Imagine how long does it take you to secure a job without any campus placement, without any reference in companies, and without any clear idea which company you are going to apply? Do the math…

So it is very crucial to follow all the five pointers mentioned above.

I have seen people get frustrated in the process give up too soon, they either go back to hometown jobless, or join any low wages job and some even join BPOs in the hope that one day they will secure an actual job.

Without the prior preparation, it is definitely going to be a very depressing, time consuming and money consuming process to secure a job.

Is it possible to become HR without a Master’s degree in HR?

Having completed a Bachelors degree, now you are analysing your choices for becoming a Human Resource Executive in a reputed company or your dream company. But you are not sure whether are not you are eligible to apply for HR jobs, with just Bachelor degree in hand.

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Due to financial problem or due to any personal reasons, you wanted to join a company as a HR, soon after graduation, so that you can support your family and also save money for pursuing Master’s degree in future.

Can You Become a HR without a Master’s degree? Yes you can, that’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

Can You Become a Successful HR without a Master’s degree? Well, It is up-to you, completely depends on how serious you are in shaping up your career.

Not all are lucky to land a job in dream corporate company, that too as a fresher with just Bachelor’s degree. So, joining a staffing company would be the best alternate option to kick start a career in HR without a Masters degree.

So, Lets see how to join the job placement consultancies otherwise called staffing companies or agencies. 

  • To begin with apply for job placement consultancies with your bachelor degree. Lets say for example you are B.Com graduate with moderate to excellent proficiency in English,  after successful completion of interview, you will be selected as HR Executive or Trainee.
  • You are expected to have at least minimum proficiency in English, which is one important skill for becoming an HR Executive.
  • Most of the companies have probationary period of 6 months before they offer a permanent position to you.
  • The attrition rate is high in staffing companies, you are more likely to land in securing a job faster than you imagined (That’s a good news 🙂 )
  • As a full time HR executive, you will be screening and sourcing candidates for your clients (lining up candidates for interviews with your client companies).
  • Needless to say, your performance review is based on how quickly and efficiently you were able to fill the vacancies in client companies.
  • The environment in staffing companies are very competitive, at times you may feel like quitting but hey, its the scenario in all corporate companies out there. But, as a fresher with hot blood you will learn to become more competitive, more interested in job once you start receiving performance incentives.
  • Now you have free access to job portals, learnt to do keyword search and filtering out genuine resume from spam, now you have good knowledge about any company expectations in terms of recruiting, now you really know whether you are interested in being HR.
  • When right time comes, make your move to your dream corporate company.

What is the best outcome of working as a HR in Staffing Companies?

  • Your fluency in communication has improved.
  • You have learnt the art of writing Email professionally.
  • You learnt to be competitive by working hard to achieve the targets.
  • You were able to save money for future without depending on parents.
  • If the HR path is right for you, you will eventually move up in career ladder, do well in HR.
  • During this period, anytime have you felt HR is not best for you, you have plenty of time to decide the right career choice for you. And if you are smart, you could even directly apply to the desired functional area, try your best to secure a job without further formal education (That’s a good news 🙂 ).
  • Now you have made some friends in HR in different industries, you have handful of network, which is very essential for growing in professional life.

So Why bother doing Master’s when you have plenty of opportunities out there?

Congrats!!  Now you have saved time and money joining a company without doing Master’s.